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O-Flights are one of the privileges and perks of joining CAP and are available to all Mustang Squadron cadets. Our o-flights are provided to us by the Black Sheep Squadron and take a lot of effort and coordination between us and the pilots at Black Sheep.


NOTE - do not signup for a timeslot unless you are sure you can make it.

1. In order to register please go to the sign up genius page & sign up under the Mustang slots for any available slot of your choice: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0548aeab2aabfa7-cadet

NOTE - do not signup for a timeslot unless you are sure you can make it.


Without the above 2 forms being completed you cannot proceed.


After completing the 2 steps above then email our o-flight coordinator - 2d Lt Perianan with the below information (remember to always copy another adult or Senior Member on your emails)

1. Parent/Guardian's email address & cell phone number

2. Your cell phone number 

3. Your Date of Birth

4. Your height

5. Your weight

6. Are you Safety Current ?

7. Have you completed Aircraft Ground Handling (AGH) Training ?

8. Have you completed any O-Flights ? (if so which Syllabus, see pages 29-34 of this pdf for details: https://www.gocivilairpatrol.com/media/cms/CAPP_6040__Combined_25335CF1C1F18.pdf

You will need to be in your Uniform for the O-Flight - either ABUs or Blues.

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